Backpack Boom

Date: 2/27/2019

By Dreamer1122

So basically I had this dream due to exam tension. So I wake up, grab my bag and head to school. I’m already dressed up as soon as I wake up. So I sit in the bus with my bag and go to school. After reaching the classroom I realise I don’t have my bag. So I try to go to the bus bay. So I have to basically bribe and avoid 12 freakin’ security guards and travel through a lot of biomes like forest etc to reach the bus bay. When I reach it it is in Antarctica biome. I search the bus and can’t find it. But I find 5 other bags in the bus. Then my friend comes up to me and gives me this energy transmitter that can control the school. I take it and try to use it to teleport back to class. But it doesn’t work and the evil vice principal shows up(she looks like Alita the battle angel for some reason?). She takes it from me, flys up into the air and blows up the whole school with all the students. Then I board my bus back home with my friends (everyone survived for some reason). Then I reach home and my mother scolds me for *forgetting my bag at home*. I say sorry, shrug it off,go to sleep and I wake up I the real world. Hope my school blows up some day.