Olivia and Diego

Date: 8/1/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was reading a book in a coffee shop, except as soon as I would start reading I'd get like transported into the story I guess? Like I would hear the words being read while I was either watching the characters or in the body of one of them. First we were in a forest, and Olivia from Fringe (been binge rewatching that) was chasing down Diego. She was hiding behind trees and stuff, and he was being a creeper serial killer type dude. They ended up falling in love, and after a bit wound up back at the coffee shop where I was reading (I could see myself over in the corner with the book) I'm in Olivia's pov, and making some espresso/tea mixture at a small counter. I'm mad at Diego for something he'd done (cheating on me I think) and he kept trying to talk to me but I would ignore him. Finally I look up as he's trying to explain everything and his eyes are super puffy, which tells me he's on tons of drugs. Told him I didn't want tot be with him if he was always going to be high. He tries to tell me that he didn't take the, on purpose, but that someone made him take them. A weird af dream honestly.