Don't Mess With the Timeline Bro, Otherwise They'll Eat Your Foot

Date: 6/18/2019

By Jade_Shadow13

I was in a world that was a complete and total wasteland. I felt nostalgic as it reminded me of the events of walking dead game season one from Tal Tells. Anyways, a black teenage boy, who I don't know the name of, was one of the survivers. For some reason he was able to find survivers, as if he knew where they were this whole time. The dream shifts to when the boy was chasing after a few survivers who were trying to shake him off their trail. To make things worse, they were being enclosed by oncoming walkers. It was cold and it was pouring, as the survivers were running down a wooden bridge. The only platform they had was slippery from the rain. Once he finally caught up to the survivers, he finally explained himself. He said that he was from the future. He was only leading them through what he has been told what has happened, but didn't realized he was actually changing the timeline. In his future, the walkers have evoved. Some were mutated that they now had some special abilities(like the zombies from Left 4 dead) I wasn't sure if the timeline was changed for the better. My dream shifted. There now was a famous Youtuber named Jacksepticeye. A zombie grabbed his foot and almost bit him, until Jack finally crushed its skull in with his other foot. Then my dream ended.