nightmare about mean relatives :(

Date: 5/5/2017

By dianalex

at a relative's house just sitting at the dining table in the kitchen drinking orange juice. it's a plain wooden table with not much on it. I'm also wearing a corset in my dream (I'm waist training irl hahaha). So it's pretty uneventful just sitting there chatting with relatives. my dad is actually there. he drove us to the place. my grandparents are there too, just sitting there. so it's a rectangular table I'm sitting on the left against the wall, right at the end of the long side. we start talking about the future and stuff. I'm saying we should never put off the things we want to do because then we'll keep putting it off and never do them. we should live in the present. and some other relatives, esp Melvin (his name irl) say I'm wrong. it escalates into a full blown argument and he's not even making sense. idk he's saying routine is important and frivolous wants can wait and I'm like dude we're gonna die and we don't know when so why slog your guts out. anyway. he gets quite personally offended and starts attacking me and insists his name is Hedwig (???) and then he and his mother start making up rude things they claim I did and I try defending myself by telling the truth but it's 2 against 1 and clearly no one believed me. so I just sit there defeated and it's awkward. then I receive a text on my phone addressing me "boss" and on reading it I realise it's addressed to my dad I get mad and I'm like why would you text my dad (he passed in Feb) ((for some reason, in the dream I forgot he was there and related to reality instead)) and "Hedwig" goes "ya he's dead" in the most antagonistic, snarky way like I wanted to wring his fucking neck. my dad's death is not a weapon to make me feel bad. then I feel the tears coming so I say I'm going home and my family stands up with me. I go outside and it rained so someone put all our shoes on the shoerack and for a while I was trying to wear someone else's shoes then I realised they were crocs and that I'd never wear crocs strangely enough it's dad who drives home. but he's silent the entire dream. when I get home I remove the corset and my waist looks phenomenal so I go show my sister and she's like meh and I'm like ??? it looks good!! but when I look in the mirror my waist looks terrible like it's bulging and gross. Then I woke up