Creepy House and Unwillingly Married

Date: 6/15/2017

By icarus

I was sitting at the dining room table and my friend Christian and his girlfriend, Sophie, were there too. they were sitting across from me. and for some reason I was pressing my feet against Christans and I said "the unmovable man meet the unstoppable Force" but eventually I got tired and stopped. then we could see our neighbors and there was this gaint lake in front of their house and some person was in the lake and something was going on. we wanted to see what was happening because it looked like she was drowning. I told them that I've snuck int their yard before so it was going to be easy. so we got onto bikes and rode out to their driveway but they were standing their so we had to look like we were just riding bikes and nothing suspicious. we rode to the end if the the road and the houses got progressively creeper. (the houses getting creeper is probably because I've always been scared of the forest down there and my sister told me that pedophiles and serial killers go down there). we got off the bikes because Christian and Sophie wanted to look around a bit and I said we should go back. this little girl appeared with a spider web on their face (foreshadowing me having to get married at a young age in the dream). the kid took the web off but every time she sneezed the web would reappear. then this other little kid was standing in the doorway of the creepiest house and told the little girl to come in so the little girl went into the house and Christian and Sophie followed the little girl into the house. I had a REALLY bad feeling about it so I said "guys I don't think we're supposed to go in, too" but when Sophie and Christian we're inside and I asked "am I allowed to come in?" no one answered so I went in to get Christian and Sophie. when I got in there, I saw my family, another couple and my sister fiancee. I was wearing a knitted poncho that had buttons in the front so I just awkwardly sat in one of the chairs because I was kind of confused as to why all of these people were there. I was sitting in between Will and Hal, the son's of the people who lived there. Will has shaggy brown hair, his face was kind of sunken in but he was kind of attractive. Hal had a strong jaw and looked to be in his 20s or 30s, he was bald and had a well groomed beard. they're we're both looking at me and mouthing to each other. I can't read lips so I didn't know what they were saying but I did catch Will saying "I want her" and looking down at me so I was pretty scared. then everyone got up and went to the dinner table, it looked like there was a Thanksgiving dinner so I sat down and Will sat next to me. he was asking me what I wanted and was placing it on my plate. during that interaction I was unbuttoning my poncho so I could serve myself but I didn't put a lot on my plate because I wasnt too sure what had meat and what didn't (I'm a vegetarian). when we finished, I took my plate to the kitchen and helped clear off the table. when I was helping Hal and Will's mom clean the dishes, she told me that I would make a great wife and then glaced at someone behind me, I was too scared to look so I didn't know who she was looking at. back in the living room, there was this little table that away from the group of people so sat there and just looked down at my hands. I looked up and Hal and Will were in front of me and their parents were looking at us on the side. in unison they asked who I want to marry. I looked between both of them and I didn't want to marry either of them. I noticed that Will was wearing my poncho so I grabbed at my poncho to get it back but when I pulled Will came down to my face with this evil smile and apparently me "pulling down" Will meant I was going to marry him. during the wedding reception, I was wearing this beautiful wedding dress and I went to the table where the bride and groom were supposed to sit. and I sat by Will. I was incredibly nervous so I didn't talk to anyone because I didn't know anyone so I kind of sat closer to Will because I didn't know anyone. people would look over to us and 'aww'. I also realized that my family wasn't there and I asked Will why. he said that I was never going to see my family again so I ran. I tried to get out of the house but the door was locked so I just hid in the bathroom ad cried. I eventually fell asleep. when I woke up, I left the bathroom and tried to find everyone because the house was empty. I looked around and saw this long wooden tub that was filled with toys. I looked closer and saw a woman's face. her eyes snapped open and she quickly sat up and got out, asking me where the exit was. when I was going to point to her where, the mother and father (my in-laws) shot the woman. I saw Will and became relieved because I knew him so I ran to him held on because I was scared. I told him we need to call the police but as he was staring me, I could feel blood dripping down on my face and noticed blood on my dress, I was standing too close when the woman was shot. I could feel his erection on my stomach and I started panicking. Will pulled me to our room and threw me on to the bed and raped me. when he was down he locked my face clean if the blood and held me close. he said that I was safe and nothing was going to happen to me. then I woke up.