Lunch with colleagues

Date: 5/13/2019

By 413dan

So the dream started at a park of some kind. It seemed that I was a teacher And I had Claudia and Lewis Howes as colleagues. Lewis cooked to us and we had a meal of pomegranates with some kind of dressing, followed by ravioli stuffed with raw quail eggs with a tomato sauce and vinegar covered basil. It was very good but Claudia was not into the basil. I complimented Lewis and shortly after Claudia asked a favor of both me and Lewis to act in some kind of drama. She wanted me to play a student that had a crush on his teacher. Lewis was to play this teacher. We both agreed but Lewis looked apprehensive. After we had agreed a group of college students came and forced us out of the park benches. We had been eating lunch with a bunch of students that I can only assume where ours. One student came to the table and said to the students that since they are done with eating they should move back to class so that the college students can eat. It seemed a little rude, but reasonable enough so I left with Claudia and Louis to one of the classrooms. The classroom had some students and they’re already having lunch in the classroom and soon we begin to film. I tried to play the Gushi boy crush and Lewis looked really uncomfortable. We didn’t get to finish the filming because Lewis was so uncomfortable.