Dream Job 🚵

Date: 6/12/2017

By brookethegreat

I went to work on my day off, partly to pick up something I left there, but mostly because I just didn't know what to do with my time. The ice cream shop where I work was waaay cooler in the dream (no pun intended). It was huge, there were glass doors leading to a beautiful courtyard in the back, and stone steps in the front like a library. I think there were stone lions too. A few other people were spending their day off there too, because it was awesome! Right before we opened, all the employees gathered in the courtyard for a devotion and prayer and a couple of announcements. Then they went back to work and I hung out in the courtyard and listened to music. There was something about Dear Evan Hansen (which I haven't seen or listened through in reality). I met the guys who play Evan and Connor and I saw a scene from the show. They were riding big penny farthing bikes through the neighborhood. The set was pretty cool - townhouses built on stage.