Sex and Almost Lucid Dreaming

Date: 4/11/2019

By Sam-wants-to-sleep

So I feel asleep but woke up in my dream. I don’t k know why but in my dream I am so horny, I kept saying how I want sex and how the monsters in the bedroom should fuck me. That’s when I stood up straight in the bed and felt a small pressure going threw my back. It was raising up and somehow massaging my shoulders. I felt myself being able to feel good. The pressure traveled down my back, and into my private area. I felt the small pressure stay there for a minute then left. There was no more pressure anywhere and I got sad. So in the dream I went back to sleep. That’s when I woke up while I’m still in the dream, someone or something was holding me down. I couldn’t see what it was since it was pitch black in my room. The thing spread my legs open and held my arms down so I couldn’t break away. It got on top of me and started dry humping me. That’s when I lost control and tried to get closer to the thing, I tried to hump as well. It stoped holding my arms so I rapped my arms against the figure and started moaning. The figure started to suck on my neck and I heard my moans get louder. I was in pure pleasure. That’s when I started kissing the thing and the humping started getting faster and harder. There was not one inch between us, we were pressed up together. I don’t know what happened because the next thing I know is that I’m by myself again and in a blue room. I walked around and saw my sister. “I’m in a dream” I kept repeating that and looked around. It’s like I knew I was in a dream but I didn’t because I couldn’t control anything. I sat down on the floor and looked around. I then feel asleep and woke up. Like actually woke up. Cause my alarm woke me up. You know what gets me so mad about that dream, it’s that I don’t even know if the dry humping happened in real life or in my dream. Some weird shit has happened in my house. And if my house is hunted and the ghost wants to fuck me. I’m so happy I’m living here.