Headlines Read: Remorseful Saboteur

Date: 2/4/2017

By Fitful

I was in a town which was being sabotaged. Several things happened. Lightning struck and hit people. The play the kids put on of Harry Potter got sabotaged in several ways. First the original child playing Harry disappeared. Then they had to put in an Asian child who was so skinny the uniform kept falling off. Then the tent we were all in, like a Circus tent, had been secretly placed too close to a certain spot on the hill. The rain began flooding, a saboteur called the rain, and washing away the ground beneath the tent. About 300 people were trapped. I found out before this became a crazy problem but it was difficult getting the people out. It looked like we weren't going to make it. There were elderly people stuck in the mud. We were using bed duvets to soak up the flood beneath the tent and give people the opportunity to escape. It seems the whole town was there. The woman who did this was upset. Embarrassed or remorseful, maybe it had been more scary than she intended. People might actually die. Anyway she was upset and I made her help me, we worked hard in the rain to save the town people. It worked well, and she was smiling and stunned I was even talking to her. She asked why I put her to work at that spot, I said it was because she needed to be there. A bit later I'm in the tent, which is now like a flooded office building instead. I'm rescuing a dog. The dog was almost hit by lightning, in the building. Apparently someone, either the dog, or a cop, was the caller of the lightning anyway I know I was also rescuing a blonde woman. The woman at the office desk, apparently even those the office was half flooded she as still there answering phones, asked what I was doing, as I was carrying the dog out. I told her the cop tried to kill the dog with lightning. As I said this I pointed to the dog. It was weird. Like I was implying the cop was the dog...