I'm in an Orphan LGBT Youth Spy Group with Viktor Nikiforov

Date: 8/23/2017

By peachie

So I was in this group of LGBT+ kids who were either orphans, runaways, or kicked out (strange bc in real life my parents know I'm bi and are cool with it). Idk. Anyway we're all living in this place in the city where everyone thinks it's like a parking garage but it's actually where we live. We all have to be really sneaky so no one finds us because we're also spies??? And we go out on missions and do all this crazy stuff. I had a group of friends there that I went on most of my missions with, and this group consisted of one of my irl friends, Viktor Nikiforov (from the anime Yuri on Ice), two boys who were dating, and this really cute girl who my irl friend was dating. We went on this mission involving a carnival (?? i cant remember much else about it) and the cute girl who was dating my friend told me on the ferris wheel that she liked me. I was like "ok sick" because she was cute but then my irl friend who she was dating started sneakily try to kill me while the mission went on so that kinda sucked. And then as the mission progressed one of the boys who were dating confessed that he also liked me but for some reason his boyfriend was cool with it. So they were still dating but one of them also liked me? but i didnt like him i liked the cute girl so he was just kind of there. Then Viktor Nikoforov was just kinda like "ok it's great that you guys all like Kelsey but can we continue with our mission" and so we all listened to him and finished our mission. There was something involving me being in the crow's nest of a ship on the beach in the rain at night??? I can't remember what the mission was about. So we went back to our home (which was really stressful because we couldn't let anyone find where we were living) and my mom was there for some reason (i think she might have been one of the leaders of the home??) and she was mad at me because my room was messy so I went and took a shower and ended up just taking over this other room instead of cleaning my room and she got pissed at me and I woke up.