The Man

Date: 6/15/2017

By escapismdarling

Strange things have been happening in my house and it was just my big step bother and I. I'm talking about stuff like houses, words and bath water turning on. We tried to ignore it but then I went into my room and tried to calm down and I came out into the living room and there was a large bald man with black eyes sitting at a small desk, sketching something on a tiny piece of paper. I was so scared that I slammed my door and started crying. But sometime later I went out into the living room and talked to him, shaking I revealed that I was scared of him but he talked in a warm voice and said a lot of people are, but there's nothing to fear. I felt safe and told him about the noises and stuff upstairs and he sighed. I introduced him to Karsen and Ryen and they accepted the abnormally tall man into the family. Later there was a half human half animal (body of a human head of a goat I think?) Who was chasing my brother and I and he had a axe. I kept throwing stuff at him and then I woke up.