Am I lonely?

Date: 8/24/2019

By pedro108844

I just downloaded this app but for the past three days I keep having romantic/cute dreams... I really don’t understand why I started thinking that maybe it’s because I’m lonely but who knows.. In the dream I had last night I was back in high school (I left last year) and I was in a dark classroom because the teacher was showing something on the projector. I was sitting next to a guy and we kept cracking jokes and annoying the teacher, you could tell that she was ready to kick us out of the classroom. We continue cracking jokes for a while and noticed that the teacher was increasingly getting annoyed and we knew that if we kept going we get thrown out. so we decided to be quiet... anyways she was playing some sort of educational video so we began watching that... I honestly don’t remember how my arm got into this position but it was under his arm and close to his hand and after like two minutes we just kinda started holding hands but not really until we both noticed and chuckled and let go... after that the class bell rang he had to go to his own class and I went out of the school I was walking across the parking lot when I saw one of my real life friends but before I could even talk to her my alarm started going off and I woke up... This is the third day in a row where I’ve had a romantic dream, I don’t know why... I keep thinking that subconsciously I’m lonely but I really never put too much thought in dreams. This One was the most PG13 out of the three since I had a very sexual one on Thursday...