I couldn’t find/save my baby 😭

Date: 6/29/2019

By diamondJ

Last night i had the strangest dream. The opening of it was this dog like animal humping a STRUGGLING turtle shell thing but i seen something white inside so i went to go see and inside the shell was the most prettiest,softest,angelic looking sheep baby it called me mommy and i took care of for a few hours i didn’t give her a name (I should have,it’s my biggest regret) i left her out the shell and went in the house i got BEYOND sidetracked with my dads boujee birthday party but in the middle i remembered my baby and i started running and screaming for her and i couldn’t hear her but i seen blood in her spot and i seen the dog things middle section had blood and his mouth had blood . I cried and became very violent i snapped the dogs neck and threw on the wall. I tried remembering so hard all the places you could duck and hide. I went to all of them. My baby was no where to be found and in my ears all i heard was her laughter getting quieter and quieter and i followed it everywhere i heard it but nothing i got little flashes of where she could be and the faster the flashes came the scarier they got. I woke up. It’s currently 5:29 a.m and i found this app...i don’t know what to do , and i can’t stop crying