Train coffin

Date: 1/27/2019

By headFeed

spooky dream, not a nightmare but spooky. i take the train almost everyday (if i go to uni) yet i find that i rarely have dreams about the train. anyway the dream: I get on the train i usually get onto to go home, i think its gunna be packed but its actually pretty open, i wanna find a good comfy seat so i can nap in but all of them look uncomfortable, i go to the next cart but notice this train only has 3 carts. at the next stop, quite alot of people are waiting and i somehow forget to take a seat. a train station worker guy pulls in a coffin. the lights in the train go dark and theres a red light coming from the coffin and goes down the middle of the train hall. you can see the light on the floor and the train guy says something in japanese and starts singing a song, and at one point the line goes “everyone sing along” or something so they do. so now theres a coffin in the back of the train, dark as hell with only a red light going down the hall, people singing a song together and im looking at the floor with the red light and theres weird shadows going across it with shapes and stars and stuff. also note, in japan when someone is cremated, the coffin is put into the crematorium thing by someone dressed as a train conductor to symbolize that they are traveling to their next stage in life. well, that was my experience and assumption.