Grandma D's TV remote

Date: 8/8/2017

By floatingopera

It's raining outside. LBK and his younger cousin are on the bed. She is looking to purchase a gemstone that grows metal deposits. It seems expensive. And being on the bed naked with her seems inappropriate. We go out in the rain to visit grandma D. She is on her way out when we get there. Her phone rings and turns into a video. Its an ad I had filmed. The apartment is full of people. I mention all the mistakes that were made, especially in the casting of the two latin looking twins with afro-chops and mustaches. Their acting is the worst out of everyone in the video as they keep looking at the camera. The entire cast is now in the apartment and its gotten to be too crowded. I'm surprised to find Aliana G. there too. I begin to usher the latin posse out the door. One of the twins grabs the TV remote. Outside there are five of them and they have made it pretty far to a courtyard but I stay in pursuit. I clock the one with the remote, grab it and run for my life. I seem to know the terrain as I use allies and secret entrances and exits. It feels terrific! I make my way through the final panel where by pulling on the molding the door pops open. It turns out to just be a piece of painted plywood and I can't seem to fit it back. I let everyone know that the thugs are coming. They're at the door. The locks wont lock. They barge in, this time the TV remote thief is strapped with an assault rifle. Everyone except for BLK and myself are in the bedroom. The thugs are being low key. I manage to wrestle the assault rifle away but every time it doesn't work. There are at least twenty buttons and levers on it. We assault the thugs regardless and take away the other twins pistol (a russian PPK that spies carried). We kick them out. EARLIER 1. B&H : checking my donuts at the bag check. LATER 1. Marney's second nipple and the asian girl who hates her and steals her magazine.