Rollercoaster ocean

Date: 1/30/2017


I'm in one of the rollercoaster seats and when I look around the entire rollercoaster is a bright cherry red. the coaster is also above an ocean and all I can see to the horizon is the calm bright blue water, there's a clear and blue sky above me. My father asks me "you ready?" but before I can answer I'm sent down a slope in the coaster. I see ahead that their is a sharp bank left and when arriving at it, I'm flung out and fall into the water. (one thing to quickly note is that in every single dream which I am in water, there will always be a great white shark which lurks up to me ready to attack. this is the most recent dream including such a scenario and to date the only one which I have not been scared of the shark) (It has also been around 5 years since I last recall having a dream including a shark.) back to the dream, by this point I have realised that a shark will likely appear and what do you know one does... after this I begin laughing and have no fear at all of the shark although I can vividly remember it being a bloody and cut up creature with uneven and rotting teeth and glowing red eyes. then when it nears around 10ft I say "f**** sake", then wake up.