when I was seven the demons came

Date: 3/2/2017

By hannahconduuh

(I was 7 at the time and still remember this dream clear as day and part of me still thinks it was real ) I had woken up in my moms bed no one was there then this couple a female with dark red hair in black clothing and a man in black clothing appeared i knew somehow they were pretending to be "babysitters" but they were really DEMONS they kept trying to convince me to go with them all they needed was a consent apparently then they could take me I said no and ran out side i looked st the drive way my parents and brother were walking up and it was snowing I turned around and they disappeared ....my mother and I walked in the house candles were all over the kitchen counter and every inch was covered with melted wax pots were boiling on the stove with flames rising above them I told her they were mad at me ...my brother and I walked out side there was a daily decomposed body suddenly on our porch somehow the dream tuned to a beach scene then it ended... I woke up frantic and ran to my parents room and laid on the end of there bed scared suddenly and I kid you not my brother pirate toy begins to go off making a "muah hahaha muahhhahaah" noise like out of the scary movies I begin to cry then my alarm that was not set beings to go off "beep beep beep beep" I believed they were there still mad at me it was extremely scary