Going to the snowball dance again, running off and making friends!😃😃😃💚

Date: 2/22/2017

By madnewman13😼

This dream was very confusing. Also very fun. And rough. And strange. But aren't all dreams this way? So I was in my grandparent's summer home subdivision on Lake Huron I think. I was on my Ripstick ( which is basically the modernized version of a skateboard but with two wheels and it turns easy) riding it on the sidewalk around it. ( and really it did not even look like my grandparent's subdivision on Lake Huron) But I wasn't riding on it normally like standing up, I was sitting on it, which is my favorite way to ride it. I was going fast, and speeding down the sidewalk like a bullet. Until I saw these hot guys who were standing in the grass very much nearby. I slowed down A LOT and as I passed them the only guy who looked at me was this cute guy who looked awfully familiar but I couldn't quit put my finger on it who it was. I can't remember it too well. Well, he smiled at me and waved. I waved and smiled back, and then sped up once again. Then I ran into this group of girls, who were doing some kind of kart wheel dance thing. I accidentally sped into them, causing them to stop and fall. "I'm so sorry!" I said. " I didn't mean to bump into you guys like that!" They all looked at me and smiled. " it's okay! It was just practice anyway," a tall girl with blonde hair said to me. I told them that I'd better go but a short girl with a brown long pony tail took my hand and begged me to be their friend and go inside their house with them. I agreed and so so they took me inside. Their house was like a frickin mansion! I walked inside and their living room was bigger than my house! And strangely, our school middle school dance we already had like three weeks ago from now was going on. " the snowball dance?!" I looked at them. But they didn't respond back. My friends were even there. And we were actually having a pretty good time until 10 minutes later when the lunch mom of our school showed up and started yelling at us strangely. "I can't believe you guys left without permission! I'm so angry with all of you!" She was yelling at my class. I had no idea what she was even talking about. "I want all you eighth graders to march outside and leave this instant!" She looked pretty mad, so we went out their back door. Then I found out that their house was really my dad's workshop barn, where we ended up at my house. We ran across my pond which was apparently still frozen and not melting, and I really don't remember anything after that.