Lucid Dream - Age 19

Date: 8/18/2019

By Yasir.mohi

Arooba had to book her exam, so i followed her in to her college (Pakistan) full of students of different races common being pakistani. I traced down enrolled papers of Ayesha Urah (last saw her 10+ years back when she left for Canada). I decided to head back as Arooba was taking too much time and ended up on the other side of the school constantly walking to find my bus (942?). On my way while searching alot of chicks were checking me out which was common since gungahlin days. I ended up finding Arshad Taibu's Car who i had forgotten i had used to come here and not the bus. His number plate was (942?!). I ended up back home where the place looked VERY similars to Dada's House but vastly bigger. For some reason i along with 2 others were getting my hair cut by my Canberra Barber there. I was trying to show the haircut i once got to the guy beside me but failed to find the picture in that large gallery on my phone. My turn started when he wrapped it up and did not give me a haircut as the chef intervened. The chef and his boys started setting the place up into a Restraunt. While i was giving ideas how to set it my mom came through telling me about a 5 million revenue through this (not sure if sold or rent). Next item being sold 'for free' was the 4K tv, chocolates and my large metallic ruler and other items which she had won through a board game against my dad. I was furious and swore she will not get these for free while she insisted she will. I chased her down without any luck until after a while she came back to me to let me know she wasnt taking any of the items as the game was such where the game made her put these words down like scrabble. The game had cards which made the user think the words that the cards were meant to carry. Aka;; The things she wanted were forced and not something she wanted from her heartful desires and she realised that. So impressed and gutted i told her to have the chocolates at least which she refused. So sitting down with her i told her tvs a weird gift like thing, and geniuinely asked her if she wanted to go out sometime and allow me to buy her gifts instead. She smiled and kissed my neck thanking me. I was gonna kiss her back while pulling her and shifting my neck but not realising i was shifting my neck real life too i woke myself up. Odd note: i remember the girl was picture clear when i was dreaming but upon waking up i could only remember her with a shadowed out face. I remember her lips, white smile, long black hair and fair skin. We were equally tall in height and her body was normal fit.