Pretty Town

Date: 5/26/2017

By DreamingBunny

I walked into a REALLY PRETTY Town there was a tall slim building with a golden smiling sun at the top. Everywhere you looked there was something amazing and cool to look at. I saw a fish person like from Alice in wonderland. I saw a girl with a cool long cowboy hat and I saw the hatshop with her hat in it so i walked in. The woman was like "Hello how can I help you?" "I'm fine I'm just browsing, these hats are beautiful" "Yes yes they are" each hat had its own box shelf. Suddenly there was a mirror in front of me and the woman and hot guy started curling my hair. "Look I better not be paying for this cos I didn't want my hair doing if I am I'm going home and straightening it." The man and woman rolled their eyes at me and I stood up looked into the guys eyes and said "You've got lovely eyes"