Lucid Chat with Subconscious

Date: 5/5/2019

By kyle_chandler

I had a dream where I was at a restaurant with some friends and went to sit alone for a while with my backpack. It had many valuables in it. I accidentally left it alone for a while and there were incidents of crime happening. When I realized I left it alone I came back to it and it had been gone through and valuables like my computer and headphones were stolen. I was in disbelief for a while and had a pit in my stomach. Other people in the same area of the restaurant had things stolen too or their things vandalized. I was upset for a minute then went into complete denial and said there is no way this is real. I then let go of all the emotions around it and the dream went blank. Somehow I think I came to consciousness for a minute and realized it was a dream. The dream re-materialized in the same setting and I was lucid. I approached a woman and said thank you for teaching me this lesson, to be more aware of my things. I took it as a necessary lesson as I am currently traveling to a place where this kind of crime is likely (I had this dream on a plane). I knew the woman was part of my subconscious. She said that I needed to be more aware of things, and less distracted. I said, well, maybe you can help with that, since you’re part of my subconscious, and since so many other parts are roaming around here doing god knows what (I was referring to the tons of other people in the restaurant that were also part of my subconscious and probably contributing to my distracted state) she laughed and said some other things I can’t remember but they weren’t that important. The dream went blank and reset and I was again at the restaurant outside. I walked inside and was still lucid. This time it was empty but for the woman who I spoke with before and a few other people doing something random. She was standing still in the middle. I approached her and said, “Do you remember what I said about me being scattered mentally, can you do something about that to fix it? I know I have to help on my end.” She then proceeded to tell me that it was hard to change the mind so significantly and that she needed to consult the “board” on the matter and that they were stubborn. I persisted a bit and poked fun at her and said “If me being less scattered and distracted leads to me being more productive and living a healthier lifestyle, what’s wrong with that??” She kind of laughed and said that made total sense and realized my point, and that she didn’t know why it would be an issue to fix. I said “Maybe pitch that to the board!” She laughed because I was clearly mocking her. The dream kept going and was surprisingly stable. It got to the point where I decided to leave it myself so I would remember what happened and could write it all down. I said goodbye to the woman and again mentioned she should help me with my issue. There was a bit of conversation between us but just before I left the dream the scene had somehow shifted into my childhood home without me realizing and she made my childhood dog (who has been dead for years) appear and came over to me so I could pet him. It was nice but also did not feel like the real thing and it was unclear if the woman (my subconscious) did it in a manipulative way (as if to show control over me emotionally (my conscious mind)) like “hey look at how I can easily play on your most precious emotions” or if it was just a nice thing to do for me in parting. It did really look like him but when I pet him it didn’t feel real. So I don’t know. But after a bit of that I ended the dream and wrote this.