Star Wars, a movie, and a video game.

Date: 3/9/2017

By jaymz

So it started off in a dark canyon at night, I was with forces, and we were defending against these Star Wars battle droids, but they were new ones that haven't been seen before. And they were shooting at us but we had a force field.( End of that part ) next, me, a woman, and two other adventurers, were running through the canyon, and we went up to these dark pyramid steps. We stole something valuable and was being chased. Next. We were inside and the girl refused to associate with us, she didn't want to be seen with thieves. But then the police came in, and one of the other adventurers used a force field to protect us, but not the girl, since she didn't want to associate with us. And she was arrested. Next scene, with those two adventurers we were in an armory, and there were weapons laid out, and the one guy said "this is how it all connects". This scene is familiar and in my dream I knew that this scene ended with the start of a video game.