3 new secret floors of my house (first lucid?)

Date: 12/14/2016

By ksm464

I go into the garage and there's like 3 new floors beneath my house. The first floor we saw had like an organ and some other huge instrument on the other side of the door and huge Jesus stain glass window and Christmas lawn decorations and just vividly beautiful windows with light shining in. Like I actually think this dream was lucid cause I remember running around in them and snap chatting them. When you got closer to the windows there was a doorway to the right with beautiful draped curtains and from there you could see two other floors like it was a balcony. The floor beneath is in the distance and has tons of chairs, looks kinda like a golden movie theatre. My brothers friend (who I never saw before in my real life ) I could see him there in the distance. The lowest level has a little get away motor boat, and it was like on the water so under my house was ocean. My brother was on that floor. I found this while me and my sister were babysitting a little Chinese girl (think she's from a Story my mom told me about a student in her pre-k class) I found this place and was telling her about it, but she was supposed to stay w the kid. But she came into the garage w me I was like where is she and she told me she was sleeping but I felt like it was a bad idea for her to be sleeping by herself. Best dream ever, I woke up and thought about checking my snap story cause it was so real.