Date: 2/4/2019

By rzw11

i worked at this small restaurant as a server but i also lived there. every server had two closets of there own and they were pretty big. we had a discussion of the specials and where everyone’s tables were at and afterwards we all went to our closets to change and get ready. well idk what happened but i didn’t want to change, i was just laying on the floor crying and rearranging my things and talking to people. customers were getting seated at my table but i still wouldn’t get ready. eventually i did but it looked ugly and i hated my outfit. and then maybe it was a separate dream or something but next thing i remember is waking up in a bed next to shelby mccran saying she got so drunk last night she doesn’t remember anything and i said “well in my dream last night i was at work” but she was talking about something that actually happened and i was talking about a dream? but i was already dreaming? weird