angry boyfriend, dogs and cats, children

Date: 3/3/2017

By Doodoo

Dont read if you are younger than 18! Thx~ I dreamt i was with my brother in the livingroom and i was looking for some gory anime to watch on the tv. Then the scene shifted and i was on the laptop creating a new email. With this email i emailed my boyfriend asking him for a date to see if he would cheat. I was pretending to be a different girl. He fell for it, and wrote back "yes i'd love to go to a date with you! Im so nervous!" I got. Angry and didnt reply. Then a gee minutes later he wrote, "oh wait no i dont cos your andrea, why did you do that?" I closed the laptop and ignored him, then he texted me asking me if he could pick me up and i said ok. When he did pick me up and take me to his house i acted stupid when he asked me about the email. I was like "huh? I didnt write no email, did that really happen?" Lol and he believed me and was all like ok it was another girl. I pretended like i didnt care and was acting nonchalant about it. I was laying down on the floor and he started rubbing my ass. He was trying to take my pants off and asked me if we could do it. I said no cos i was still angry with his cheating ass. So he was like ok. Then i saw a few puppies. One of them was talking to me in a cute voice. Apparently my bf was taking care of them. I was also looking at pictures of cats on my laptop. Then the puppies suddenly changed into young black children. My bf forced me to perform an inappropriate act on one of em, saying that if i wont do it to him i will do it to the kid. It was horrible,. I gagged when i stopped and threw up on the floor. After i cleaned it the scene changed again and i was in a dinner table with him and his family. He asked me to give him salad and i refused, so that started an argument. The end.