Snake Attack

Date: 1/31/2017

By StevensSC1

One day as I was chilling at home with my family was decided to go into the basement to check something out. On our way back up there was a long green snake (about 2.5 feet long) blocking our path from going back upstairs. At that point it was just Me, my dad, and my dog (Sebastian) being the only one in the basement. My dad told me to try and nudge my way out first. It took me sometime, but I finally got back up. Then all of a sudden, there was another snake but it was bigger. It was a light orange in color King Cobra. Sebastian started to approach it, when he soon was bit by it. Then my dad and I were in the living room, and I told my sister not to go near the couch since that was where the King Cobra was, but she decided not to listen so the King Cobra bit her. I soon found out that when the Cobra bites you it doesnt hurt or kill you; it infects you to turn into one of the Cobra's helpers... So I look at Sebastian and see that he now has powers to grow a long neck, so I had to escape from him because he was now viscous. Then the cobra turned into this young girl and was like, we mist unite as one to take down all of the uninfected people. So my sister looked at me and I was like, No GraceHope dont listen to her. Then she was like, Sorry, This has to be done. All of a sudden she grabbed me and said, Bite Him!.. Struggling to break free from her grip, I was able to escape in seconds time.... Then I heard a loud noise outside and woke up... yeah kinda lame ending...