Grandmas Car

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

Me, my grandma, my dad, and other random family members were at my house in the front where we have our cars parked. We were about to unveil some car that was to be for my grandma. The car actually just pulled into the space we were gathered around and it was a black car with silver trimmings and things. It seemed like an older model car. It was long, and now when I think back on it, it reminds me of a hearse. Anyway.. when I turned to my grandma to see how she liked it, my little cousin Hailey was there instead and she ran to the car and got in. I got in with her and was just talking to her about the car and how shes only twelve and shouldn't be driving yet. Then the dream flashed to another. Me and other people (I cannot remember who they were) were in a sort of mall I guess. We were in one store when it started, but we were looking for a Yogurt Mountain, then we realized that the store we were already in was half Yogurt Mountain (like those weird/beautiful Taco Bell/KFC hybrids lol). We were getting flavors but they were weird things that tasted bad so when I tried my brown yogurt I just picked up a ball of it in my hands, tasted it, and tossed it back in its container.. that's all I remember. Lmao