Gryphon is almost human trafficked

Date: 7/20/2017

By pheeniealexandra

Okay so I get back to school and at orientation of course I'm talking to Sam Bannon, and I wanna hang out with him and stuff. He mentions he brought me a present. We end up meeting up that night and hardcore making out in the bathroom, which was the bathroom in my home, and Brett and Chris Burslem are sitting in my living room right outside and they make a couple comments and I mention to Sam that they gossip a lot. So they eventually leave I noticed in the mirror this cool vintage looking jean jacket he was wearing and I pointed out that I liked it and he got this big grin and I traced his jawline endearingly and kissed it. Then we're sitting on the brown chair in my living room and I straddle him and I'm like "ya know who I haven't thought about all night?" And he's like "who?" "Michael haha...." (Michael is the person I am involved with, wow that's shitty) and he laughs and we make out more (great). We go to his dorm room and talk about who should and could be president and he says Jack (the ECOS president of 2016-2017 school year) didn't know what he was doing, he let his friends drive the school car and they crashed it and various other things. So Sam leaves to try and find alcohol with his older friends or go to bed, but I wasn't invited to either activity. The present he told me he had was not in his possession at this time. And I kinda shrug it off because that's typical Sam. So the next day Hannah Gray, me, and my sister, Gryphon, all walk a short distance off campus to look at this very weird house. It was large and very weirdly built. There were people there, a family, and Miley Cyrus at some point, playing with emojis that could be projected around the room and pink hologram material that could be smeared on the walls. After that we start walking back to Eckerd (school). Along the beach I notice an ominous twisting cloud, I had forgotten we were in the middle of a mild hurricane and there was a chance of tornados. So we ran the opposite way towards school, until another twister came out of nowhere on that side. Forcing us to the middle of the road and to seek shelter. There was a big barn and house right near us with the barn doors open to reveal some of a family bathed in warm lamp light dancing around and playing games. They welcome us in and we sit down among the piles of hay. There's a lot of this family including a Spanish maid, but the "main" one was this heavy set middle aged short haired woman (think gym teacher). And there were two little kids and their mom playing a snapchat game that had a whisper down the lane concept, but with phones. So we're sitting there talking and all of a sudden this lady refers to Gryphon by her name, and we hadn't introduced ourselves yet. And I call her out on that. The lady explains that she's somewhat of a hacker and knows "everybody" around here and describes a boomerang Gryphon had put on her Instagram or something of Gryphon just turning her face to look directly at the camera. And the lady described her as "beautiful piercing eyes." For some reason I notice that at this moment Gryphon is wearing fake eyelashes and also she looks uncomfortable with the fact this lady found her social media and knew who she was by only her face. Later the lady says my name too, implying she also has researched who I was. So Hannah Gray has been mysteriously replaced with Emily Whynot, but the lady doesn't know who she is, and struggled to figure it out. The mom and children invite Gryphon and Emily to play this snapchat whisper down the lane game and I become the end guy. I'm separated by a thin veil from them and they're sitting in a car. I'm immediately uncomfortable with the fact Gryphon is out of my sight. I follow her into the car and I try to convince Emily to let Gryphon play the game on her snapchat because they didn't know who Emily was already and it seemed safer. And then while I'm in the car I send out a telepathic message to Kirsten Bradley (my ex's mom) asking for her help. She responds immediately but is unconvinced the situation sounds fishy. I leave the car to go manually call her on the phone but I'm unable to talk openly because the main lady and some of her family are listening to my conversation and definitely pick up that I'm suspicious. They joke that I'm controlling everyone's media usage and I'm obviously in charge. I beg Kirsten to believe me and warn her of what's happening until I am forced to hang up. I go back to the car where Gryphon and Emily just were and they weren't there. Missing, just completely gone. I freak out. I start yelling and running throughout the barn that I knew it. The main lady laughs and says "yeah I knew you had a feeling. That's why we had to be quick" I assume they don't take me because I'm too old looking or another various reason. They were kidnapping Gryphon to be human trafficked or something along those lines. I'm freaking out and still trying to find them when the whole family comes out of the house, maybe 13 of them, all dressed in blue police outfits swinging bats and guns and the plan was to go beat up some black peoples and further create a rift between the police and the people. On the porch they're screaming (they even make the maid) and throwing around bats and boosting each other up to get hype and get ready to beat people. And one of the in laws mentions that he doesn't think this is a great idea. So the main lady shoots him dead in the chest. And then this huge truck full of military police people led by a woman comes roaring in the driveway and they stop the family. Kirsten had called them. It's a gun to gun head to head. They have the maid leave, knowing she is not part of it. And I move away from the line of fire. They go back it, killing the old man and old lady who have shot guns. The old lady's shot gun was hidden in a broom. So then I'm walking home, Gryphon wasn't found and I'm with some friends. I get to the small walk way directly outside of my house and I'm sad and distressed and worried. And I hear this whimpering. I make everyone around shut up and I hear it again. "Gryphon??" I yell. And then I see that this plant had been moved along the stone wall at the entrance of my house. And I pull up the stone using sheer adrenaline. And I see Gryphon's feet and a plate of scrambled eggs. I pull up the other stones, not even flinching at their weight until I get gryphon unburied and pull her out where she collapses in my arms and we both are sobbing. I wake up clutching myself.