Eminem delivery person and kidnappers?

Date: 7/31/2017

By melb

Alright so what I remember from the dream is that me and my sister are in this gift shop place that looks a lot like the paper store and like we're looking through the toys and stuff for some reason and we see these two other girls there and they're like "she's creepy" to me.. or something and i'm like "k?" and next thing i knew we're at our house and eminem comes in with his fancy white limousine SUV thing and i'm like "lol who are you" and he's like "i'm eminem.. i'm looking for your dad" and i'm like "what's his name then?" and he's like "geovanni" and i'm like "mmk" and so i bring him in and call my dad and he comes down and next thing i knew eminem is bringing in these large rolls of paper? And then I remember my sister getting into a strange car and I get in with her and we get kidnapped and my sister disappears and I open the door and roll out of the car and run for my life while this strange lady who was driving the car is chasing me. I make my way into some office building and it looks like they have church services and a dance studio there? And like.. I didn't want to be seen by anyone until this one lady saw me from the window and started chasing me and I run for my life around the town.. somehow not out of breath? The lady eventually catches up to me and makes me join her stripper dance class or whatever and i'm just sitting in the corner watching from afar until she makes me choose a partner