Brendon Urie + Me

Date: 5/15/2017

By parisleech13

He came to our school (idk why he was there though) but we were all in assembly and then he was infront of me and all his big fans were behind me. Then the assembly ended and he got up and went to the water fountain near the boys toilets and I walked to him and said "hey, can I get a quick autograph" and he was like "no it's just going to get everyone else hyped up about me being here" and continued to fill his water up. So I was really disappointed and then al his fans started to crowd around him so I just decided to walk up to my science class (Mr ****) and sat. Annoyed and upset that I got no autograph. So I decided to put my headphones in and listen to the ballad of Mona Lisa. Because my class know I sing and we were all off doing our own little thing I started to sing it and got up on the front teachers desk messing around and dancing whilst singing it and entertaining my class. Then it got to the end of the song and I bowed and jumped down from the teachers desk whilst people laughed. I took out my headphones and said "oh. It's finished now" and decided to go and sit back in my place. I then saw out of the corner of my eye I saw Brendon walking up to me so then he came up and started to speak to me about my 'performance' then he got a white shirt and signed it. Then we started talking for a bit.