Theatre class and magicians

Date: 2/21/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was in theatre class (but it looked like English class irl) and in my class there was the magician guy that I know in real life and he was showing me magic tricks. Then the teacher was showing us a video of a theatrical performance and they called it a moving picture for some reason. There was a girl sitting in the desk across from me and she had short blonde hair. She was really snobby and acted like ruby from The Girl About Town. She was also very artistic but wouldn't let anyone use the purple/pink color pencils because she said "we didn't know how to use them" 🙄. The bell rang and Jaime #2 (smiley) was sitting diagonally from me and went over to my desk and talked to me. He hugged me and said bye and then the dream ended.