Watches and exploding bodies

Date: 5/4/2017

By Marvin10

First scene, I am walking around this unknown house looking for small black bags (a lot like the ones that the girl got busted with cocaine in Columbia on the news), except mine have watches in them. I am alone, and I know I have put them somewhere but I can't remember where. At one point I enter the front room to find the front door wide open, I think it was windy out. I wondered if somebody had come in the house. In another room I remember looking at this mess of stuff, and thinking I've really got to clean that up. Next scene, all I remember is seeing somebody falling from about 20 storeys high and their body almost exploding when they hit the ground. I was viewing this from above and there was a feeling that people were being pushed from the building. Then it is like I am falling but then It changes into someone else and I am watching again. This person falls on a boat and lives but they are being thrown around and I think people on the boat were also attacking him.