Scary Throat Device, Broken Totem

Date: 6/21/2017

By seascarlet

1: I got these throat devices in the mail. They looked like thin funnels that had a thin tube hanging off the bottom. You were supposed to swallow them and the funnel would keep it from going all the way down your throat so you could take it out later. It's purpose was kinda gross. You were supposed to leave it in a few hours and let it collect some sort of calcified fat deposits from your throat, which were then to be mailed back where they came from and tested. I managed to swallow it and keep it in for a while with minimal gagging, but the funnel part was too thin and it started threatening to disappear all the way down my throat. I imagined having to have it surgically removed if I swallowed it. Then I panicked and pulled it out, which was difficult and it almost slipped down my throat. I hadn't left it in place nearly long enough, but it seemed like maybe there was some kind of film on it. I looked at the instructions though and found out that my particular type of device was supposed to be left in for 20 hrs. Then I read further and found out this wasn't even a necessary lab test, but a voluntary experiment set up by a small independent company. I threw everything away and wondered who would subject themselves to something so uncomfortable and dangerous just for the sake of some flimsy volunteer experiment that came in the mail. 2: I was travelling a long, dangerous way on the edges of interstates on foot at night. Occasionally I would run into other groups of people, and mostly didn't interact with them. I had a wooden black cat totem-like figure with me, about the same size and shape as a tall slender black cat candle like you get in a pagan shop. This wooden one was painted black, and supposed to represent my long-lost black cat, Lucy Fur. I missed her and the totem was all I had left of her. It kept changing in shape to be different artistic renditions of a black cat, but kept the same pose and size. Morphing in shape was some kind of superpower it had. At some point a group of people passed and I talked to them briefly. I had accidentally left my wooden cat on the ground, and a woman picked it up and tossed it up a small hill to me. She tossed it way up high though instead of just to me and when it finally came down I couldn't catch it, and it landed in the grass where one of its ears broke off. I was really upset and annoyed that she tossed it so high, and wasn't sure how to fix it.