the house

Date: 3/29/2017

By Carolina

im with people from work and we are protesting in front of my childhood home. i don't know what is being protested but there are things written in chalk on the ground and we've shut off the street lights. one girl mentions being against a drug called cuming. pronounced like cumin. she said it makes things seem haunted. i went into the house with some other friends but it wasn't a protest anymore. it was an art exhibit of a huge home with multiple very spooky rooms kind of like sleep no more. i got separated from my friends but could hear them over one of the old radios. sometimes i was afraid. in one room k was there in a nightgown in bed. i was mad at her thinking she didn't deserve to be in the project. she introduced me to her friend in the room who said she remembered me but i didn't remember her. i felt embarrassed that i was alone. then i was back in my childhood home but still looking through rooms as i had in the other house. i saw a friend (someone i don't know) at the base of the stairs with a bike telling me to come down. i said i just wanted to see the last rooms since one was mine and felt annoyed at being rushed. as i came down the stairs a man appeared at the top with an automatic gun. i panicked and jumped into the kitchen while the friend downstairs tried to cover me. i tripped on the step and kept panicking because there was no way out. then i woke up crying.