Thanos apocalypse

Date: 6/15/2019

By stev54356

I don’t exactly remember where it started off but we were in a hotel room and we ran from one of the bottom floor to escape thanos I think it was me Jake uncle and Simon Cowel for some reason I remember us freaking out wondering where to go and after a little bit we decided that the air ducts would lead us through to the roof so we did that plan but as soon as we did it the Titan himself cane inside and we had to rush the duct was super tiny which made me uncomfortable but it felt familiar for some reason then we got out of the ducts at the same spot I don’t know why but thanos was gone and jake and uncle were too worried about food and staying alive I didn’t know what to do then I saw Simon had a room filled with food and drinks so I made me a sandwich and halfway though it I woke up