Very Real "Concussion"

Date: 3/26/2017

By ace200

I was in Mr Sands' room, who is my math teacher, only he was now our Chemistry teacher and he would not help me with my test and said I needed to try harder. I stayed after for a little with Aly C as I waited for her to get her stuff together. We had lunch next and in order to get there we had to pass through the swimming shower locker rooms as a short cut. There were two metal stairs that came together to the big shower area. I remember going down the stairs and a teacher yelling at me for being there. But, I slipped on the wet floor and hit my head against a wall. Apparently, I had done this before; and knew from the feeling I got that I had a concussion. My whole head went numb and I could not move my mouth. For some reason, I was wearing Belle's yellow dress here from Beauty and the Beast. Mr Reppert, the drama teacher, came over. I had tears coming down my face. I reached back and my head was bleeding, although I couldn't feel the pain. The numbness was very weird and scared me. This was very real and felt like I got my wisdom teeth out, but the numbness was more powerful and overwhelming. My mom was flying to Colorado at 3 and I thought my dad was at home. I told Mr Reppert to call him, but was so dazed I could not remember the number or my address. He picked me up and we left the shower room. He took me to his car and sat me in the front seat. We drove around trying to find me dad as I bleed and couldn't speak. Eventually, we found him at a parent teacher conference at night. He was the last one back in my school and was talking to my media teacher. I yelled at him that I was hurt as best I could and he sprinted for me, leaving my sister with my teacher, and drove me to the hospital. He was like "Why the fuck didn't he take you to the hospital in the first place?!" Since I hit my head hours ago at this point and was in bad condition. Since I already got a concussion before apparently, I knew the doctors would put me to sleep for the surgery coming up. They laid me in a bed, although I had Belle's dress still on. My hair was also curled and I knew my makeup was done. They gave me a shot to make me fall asleep, but started working even though I wasn't out yet. I saw them tear the skin off my foot to reveal bones and started crying in fear, even though I couldn't feel it. I blacked out. During this scene, a bunch of like suspenseful music and talking was going on and all silenced when I blacked out. I woke up in my room in the hospital. This was more like I got my wisdom teeth out because I couldn't move my jaw and my cheeks were puffy. My head had an indent in it. I started walking around the hospital halls. I passed a mirror and I looked awful with messy curls, smeared makeup, a dented head, and a big mouth. My dad found me in the halls. We passed the food court where they were giving out an amazing breakfast, like lots of deserts, and I was so sad because I couldn't move my mouth and eat. The whole room was Beauty and the Beast themed to cheer up poor hospitalized elderly people and I felt awkward in the Belle dress because I was attracting attention and knew I looked a mess and felt self-conscious. My dad got a man to bring me clothes, and I thanked him. I tried walking the clothes to my room, but ended up dropping them. My phone was in the pile, so I started texting people to let them know what was happening to me. I was getting no responses as I looked through the clothes. Suddenly, I turned to see my friend Ashlee, a boy named Mateo, and Ashlee's boyfriend Sam on a bench. She was reading my text, but shrugged and looked at me like I was stupid. I was upset she wasn't concerned for me and left. I then got an invitation to my friend Caitlyn's birthday party, which was apparently that day there in the hospital in a banquette room. I saw she invited Allie J, Kaitlin P, Taydem C, Abby W, Emily N, Ashlee, etc. I went down and everyone was eating REALLY nice food and again I got upset. Everyone was already leaving for the night and Caitlyn was mad I missed her party even though it clearly wasn't my fault. No one would talk to me and no one was concerned for me. I just left, upset, in my big dress. I woke up afraid to move my jaw and was surprised this was a dream. It was so real.