Run Away

Date: 8/15/2017

By nohaboa97

My family and I all congregated at this island just off the coast of mainland. The island reminded me of a place I dreamed of, but this must have been years later because that was a theme park and this was dismal and dead. On approach I got the feeling that we were not the first to flee whatever we were fleeing, although we were close to the last of the people that would. The island itself was rather green in spite of the fall chill settling across it, with small ponds and strips of water covering portions of the island due to high tide (which ultimately meant the island had very little room). There was a single run down building that my family found ourselves in. From there we were led to the water front to board a boat. The boat that we boarded seemed to shift shapes to some degree in my mind (when we first boarded, it was nothing more than a rubber blow-up boat; later, I remember it being covered with metal and having an interior and exterior seating area, although it was still easily thrown by waves). My family of 4 boarded along side an old couple, a gorgeous woman about my age (her hair was strange in that it was down to her shoulders but never the same color: every time I looked back it had changed, usually between brown and black but sometimes to red or blonde), a couple of kids (a young boy and a slightly older girl), and a lady with a small mech. There were also 2 dogs aboard as well as a black guy with a white beard that took the helm as captain of our strange vessel. We cast off from our island into the ocean. I sat towards the front of the boat (which had seats that formed a "U" open to the back of the boat) next to the mech and across from my sister. Next to me was one dog - a German shepherd - the gorgeous girl, and the old lady. Next to my sister sat the young kids, my parents, the second dog - a chocolate lab - and the old man. At some point during our trip across the ocean I woke up because I had fallen asleep on the boat and found that we were parked at an island. I noticed that the gorgeous girl was the only one with me still on the boat and she was also asleep. I woke her and we disembarked to find our group. As we were leaving I noticed blood where the German shepherd had been laying. We caught up with our group on this tiny island which must not have been much larger than a mansion. It had sections too, areas that very clearly differed from their nearby segments. Our group was standing at the highest point over looking the island. We were here hunting for food and once we had the stores for the next island we'd be off again. The captain assigned tasks and sent us off; mine was the root of an acorn tree and any berries or fruit I could find. I walked off in the direction of a small clump of trees and immediately found some strange strawberry-like fruits. They were dark red, squishy, and large like a strawberry, but also perfectly round. I picked the full bush and put it in my backpack. I was about to head back when I noticed a very clear trail marked in the forest floor. I followed it for a bit and found myself at an old abandoned house. From my entry at the front door, the right and far walls were both completely destroyed although the left and close wall remained fairly intact. The ceiling (and roof) of the building was not only missing from above, but was not even collapsed into the building. Either it didn't have a roof or somebody removed the remnants. The floor was hidden from my view due to the number of leaves that had collected there. Along the left wall were various objects on a countertop and where the far wall used to be there was a fireplace. The fireplace looked odd because while the bricks of the rest of the house appeared to have been made of baked mud and clay and had moss and vines all over them, the fireplace had much darker bricks and no moss or vines. My curiosity got the better of me and I began to inspect the items to my left. There was an abstract painting that contained a lot of blue. It didn't really look like anything so I kept exploring. Next there were a series of 3 small statues on short pedestals made of the same stone that the house was, a dark steel blue stone, and an ivory stone. They appeared to depict Gods or something to that sort. Next to them was a small statue of a green dragon, its mouth open and it looking left as if it were breathing fire, although nothing came out. I picked it up and noticed that despite it looking and feeling like it was made of solid stone, it was incredibly light. I'm not sure how the idea came to me, but I pointed the dragons face at the painting and it began to breathe green flames. I covered the painting with its flames until its masterpiece was complete. The dragon changed positions and colors so that it was now facing straight out front and was a steel blue color. The painting had also changed, for what had once been blue was now very green. It still appeared abstract, although I knew that it was of thorny vines around a scene of a sandy trail over rolling green hills with the closest end leading the trail into a forest. I pointed the dragon at the painting again and it began to turn a silvery blue. The dragon turned ivory once the painting had completed. Once again, the painting was abstract but this time I couldn't tell what it looked like, only that there was a real painting there somewhere. I set the dragon down to inspect the painting and accidentally bumped one of the god statues (the dark steel blue one in the middle). The thought crossed my mind that its stone color matched the dragon's, so I examined it. In my hands it kept trying to turn counter clockwise to look in the direction of the fireplace. I set it down and faced it that way. Almost immediately a bright green light shot from its eyes into the chimney, destroying the entire fireplace. A large green thorny vine seemed to appear out of nowhere and start forming circles where the wall had once been. When the circle was large enough to cover the missing wall, all of the vines except for the outermost ring retracted back into nothingness. The result was a short tunnel of thorny vines that lead somewhere that was definitely not the forest that had been behind that wall. I stepped through fearfully and suddenly recognized what I was seeing: It was the original island, but without all the extra water (it was reasonable to assume that it was simply low tide). Out of fear for never seeing my family again, I turned around and stepped back through the portal. I turned the god statues away from the portal in an effort to turn it off but the portal remained. I decided it would be best to just run back to the boat and explain my discovery, so I began running as fast as I could, stopping only once to harvest an acorn root. I ran up the hill and got back to the boat, but no one was there. There was more blood on the boat now where the other dog had been and I became very fearful. I pulled a large revolver out of my pocket (see notes) and explored the island around the boat. I found a building with a mounted gun that began firing at me as soon as it saw me. I fired back. A group of crazy people began to rush me, trying to claw me to death. I screamed "this is my island; get out." The people stopped and looked at me They called my name and I asked how they knew me. They stated that they were my boat crew. Somehow these people who looked nothing like the people I had ridden in a boat with over here were those people. Unfortunately, as much as I would have loved to explore this situation further, I woke up and was unable to get back to sleep before I had to begin being productive. Maybe I'll just incorporate this into a full story of some kind.