Choose your side

Date: 9/27/2019

By Samsung2009

There I stood. In the middle of a room surrounded by family, friends, exes, enemies and seemingly anyone who has a minor or major significance in my life. Their eyes locked onto me as if they could see in the very fibre of my soul. They could feel my heartbeats, and know what I was thinking. Heart racing trying to understand what they thought of me, and why they had me on trial. I felt the emotions of the connections they had to me all hurling towards me as my mind tried to process the information as it came hurdling at me. Pain, regret, agony, angst, happiness, joy, pleasure, again and again, it me like a tilde way against my chest. I crumbled to my knees. It wasn’t pain nor pleasure it was somewhere in between. They grew in closer and closer, their voices gaining in magnitude engulfing me, overwhelming me. They started grabbing onto me, trying to grab pieces of me. Taking back what I taken from them perhaps? Or feeling like I owed them nothing. Maybe they just wanted me. I thought to myself. I snapped back into reality and the chaos reached a point where I could not stand it any longer and yelled out from them to stop. And in a second.....silence.... My eyes slowly opened, sitting up, scanning. The room was now undeniably divided. I had in a sense created a place in my mind where it was either left or right. Behind each group stood a darkened door. Light flickering above each. The names, faces, circumstances, emotions and history of all these people seemed to determine something in my life.... but are you sure about that “something” Jeff? I asked myself.... I took a deep breathe. “Choose your side” I said to myself, as my feet begin to make out its next move.... (Woke up)