I am Number Spiderman

Date: 7/18/2017

By ThePolarDreamer

I am spiderman in this dream... this is going to be interesting... The dream starts and I am spiderman, fighting a villain I can't remember. The villain bats me around and I return the favor, until, I finally win. After the battle I go to a Loric chest, from I am Number Four, and grab the healing crystal. I use it and I'm healed, though it somehow mends the Spider suit too. I am going somewhere, I think in the Osbourne limo, when I'm attacked by Venom. I am clearly annoyed, and remember that Venom is made of the worst parts of Spiderman (at least in some comic universes), so I decide to counteract it with the best. By concentrating I make a new symbiote, which emerged looking like Ditto from Pokemon, but white. It finds a host and looks like Venom; except white as the base color and black as the secondary. They fight it out and I remember no more.