broken leg and swimming pool

Date: 1/6/2017

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was walking around my little brothers school during night time. I was looking for him from outside the fence and i saw a huge bigger kid holding him up and throwing him up in the air to let him fall. It was like some sort if game they were playing. My lil bro landed on his leg hard and he started screaming. I rushed towards him and started yelling for help cos he was hyperventilating. I called the police on my cell and told them my lil bro fell from a very high place, and to please send an ambulence. We waited but those assholes never came. We did hear an ambulence but it was like they were lost or something cos they kept going around in circles. Anyway he started feeling better so i helped him up and ordered some food from the food truck nearby. The big kid that tossed him asked my lil bro if he wanted drugs, and i got in between them and told him to fuck off. He got angry and told me to grow up. Then he left. After a while it started getting light outside so we went into someones van. It belonged to some girls who hated us for some reason so we trashed it and wet everything with a hose. Then suddenly we were outside some buildings next to a giant pool with really clear water. My friends went in it and started swimming. But i knew the water had a virus in it and told them. They said "yeah we know theres a virus, just dont go up thats where it might be, theres a 2% chance of getting it" they were reffering to the stairs that lead more up the building. I was worried that it could be on anything especially the water. But i went in anyway. Then i got out and climbed the stairs to see what was on the other side. There was a huge waterfall leading to the pool, and a kids play field. Some kids came down the stairs and i figured they might be carrying the virus. Then i woke up