Date: 6/6/2017


i just want this to share, my dream happened way back 2015 and i will never forget about it. so i will give first a little background about an event before that dream happened, my uncle is confined that time in hospital due to his unexpected illness, i accompany my auntie to watch over him, when saturday comes my mom asked me to go home and she will be the one who will accompany auntie, that evening my mom text me that my uncle agreed to be in ICU and to put a tube which will support his lungs, so the next day w/c is sunday, it was around 11:45am and i really feel sleepy i don't knw why but i really try not to fall asleep my dad even told me that it almost time to eat lunch so i shouldn't sleep but i really can help it but sleep. So im my dream i found myself still in our house (i'm fully aware im just dreaming) in the living room then i saw my uncle (the one in the ICU that time) he wear his office uniform and told me his leaving and i even said bye and takecare. When his gone i decide to go up stairs, when im starting to go up(im looking at my steps) i hear foot steps going down so i look who it is, and its shooks me cause its my uncle when his infront of me he told me his going to the office, i just nod when he told me that still looking at him while he go away, im speechless cause that time my uncle is HEADLESS (until now it creeps me), then my dad came to the scene and i told him what i saw then he told me that we should look for my uncle to warn him cause its a bad omen, so we seperate and search but i didn't see him i think maybe his in the office already so i decide to look for dad, when i'm in the dining room the floor are full of blood, then i saw my dad came out under our dining table crawling, his body full of blood frm the floor, i asked him why his in there then he answered me his searching my uncle there. then the scene suddenly change, i found my self inside a slow train i see different people who i dont know but i could see there faces clearly, i looked at the scene outside the train, its night time the moon so bright that you can clearly see the scenery, i saw mountains, tress but what caught my attention is the GUY who wear all white but in his shoulder i find it weird cause i saw a wings then he smile then i saw a lot of them scattered outside while the train continue to move slowly. Then i woke up, i thought i sleep so long but when i look at the clock it just 12:05pm and my dad was watching basketball. i remember my dream clearly so while my fam. and i ate lunch i told them my dream abt my uncle they told me its really bad cause they said it means my uncle will die thats my fam. superstition,(my fam. also believe when u had a bad dream you should told your baddream while your eating) they told me that i should also knock on woods etc. So days pass the doc. said my uncle health is improving so we are all happy and pray for him, but unexpectedly when i arrived after i pay for his blood test thats when the doc. came out of the ICU and told us my uncle had a heart failure and they been reviving him for 5 mins. we asked to continue it 30 mins. more, i saw it and i really cried so hard, rembering my dream. Feb. 20 , 2015 3:15pm my uncle die😢😢😢