the hypnotising salamanders and false awakening

Date: 2/26/2017

By Tjika

I was in the forest with my brothers, my parents an my grandparents. While walking around one of them warned me not to look the red salamanders in the eyes, because they would turn you insane. If you looked at a green one however you would turn back to normal. I almost saw a red one, but didn't really look at it enough to turn insane. My grandmother did though and turned insane. Everyone ran from her, but I told them I couldn't just leave her behind. The problem was soon solved though, because she saw a green one and went back to normal. In the second part we were all in a train station. Then I noticed something was wrong. Everyone was turning insane, but that shouldn't be happening, because there were not supposed to be any salamanders here. That's when I saw my insane brother holding up a red salamander. He was turning everyone insane by showing it to them. When everone but me had turned insane he turned to me and said: 'just a bit further' (well actually he said: nog een klein stukje, which is dutch for: almost there or just a bit further, or something like that) I hid in a closet and he tried to open the door while he kept repeating, 'just a bit further' in a really creepy voice with a creepy smile on his face. Then I woke up. My little brother (who had turned insane) was sleeping in my room that night. He was sitting up straight in his bed, so I tried to tell him about the dream. I told him: 'dude I had this weird dream and you were trying to turn everyone crazy!' all he responded with was: 'just a bit further' I tried to tell him more about the dream, but all he kept saying was: 'just a bit further', so I said to him: 'yes, very interesting, but you have to listen to my dream, you were in it and you were really scary.' All he replied with was 'just a bit further'. That's when I realised what he was saying. He had this same creepy smile on his face while looking at me as if he was going to kill me. His bed was right next to mine and I had to walk over it to reach the door, so that was a scary part, but I managed to do it. He came after me, but I was faster. I ran down the stairs to my parents bedroom and told my dad that I'd had a really creepy dream. He formed a very surprised, but not really serious 'o' with his mouth and then I woke up.