French boyfriend

Date: 2/17/2019

By bunbun12

A French man was teaching a dance class at a resort I was at with my family. I thought he was hot asf (I LOVE the french accent). He was teaching beginners and professionals in the same class. I told my mom I wanted to talk to him and she supported me, saying "hey maybe you'll get a french boyfriend!" When he left I went to catch up with him. I ran up and said "excuse me, I like your accent, where are you from?" I expected the answer to be south France but instead he said "nu-uh, try 'bonjour'" (he was flirting) so I said "ah! Bonjour, comment ça va?" and he smiled and took me along his marry way to chat, we talked a while, he was from the south of France. Eventually I got his number and his Instagram and Facebook, and went back to where I left my mom, niece, and girlfriend. I told them about this cute French boy and they all seemed excited and my mom even asked about how birth control would affect my chronic illness.