Date: 3/3/2019

By JillMagdalene

daylight lost my voice sore throat, someone was singing, my voice was gone and it hurt to speak looking at real estate book and cemetary books with nick. can't tell the difference. cornhusker and bennington intersection 152? is like real estate is like a cemetary white truck? walking through monarch place next to a cemetary walking past my grandparents grave, secord. holding my breath porch of cherry tree. kenny and todd ritter came by with hold harmless agreements investigated everyone and signed by all parties including alea harms and carbon cutout stamps placed on each sheet. i just had to put stickers in the right places, draw a line and sign. i was incredulous, they were bregrudgingly covering for me, standing over me expecting me to say something about not being stronger to everyone, not being more outspoken, not this, not that. could've should've, basically anybody could've done better than me kinda look. i felt inadequate. why didn't i tell anyone, how could i have kept things to myself. if i knew something why didn't i say it sooner. guilt trip