Nipple play

Date: 7/27/2017

By 15prettylittleliar

I don't remember all of it, because my alarm woke me up and I was too tired to write it. Apparently I'm over this girl (it's been years, come on!), I won't see her anymore but I've just had an almost sex dream with her, which is weird. I was subtly flirting with her, talking to her about what she did on australia and she had a notebook on with so many notes written in black ink. I got closer and closer to her, her friends were with her too. We started talking about something and I don't remember this part very well but we both kept giving each other the bedroom eyes, while talking about something else that I don't recall. After awhile we went to a park and I sat close to a tree, then I think she started kissing my lips, then my neck (that part was kinda blurry, but what happened next is the part that I remember the most), then she started kissing and touching my nipples through the fabric of my clothes (apparently I had no bra on lol) while she was on top of me, then she lifted my shirt and the play got even more intense. She used her hands, tongue and mouth more while my clit started getting harder and harder each time until the damn alarm woke me up.