Date: 4/10/2017

By Hoodie_Ninja

I met a friend from my past school that I used to go to in elementary we traded Kiks and started texting she invited me over and then it cut to me being in a basement with her and another person it was a guy and the guy was tied by his hands to be held up right. She made me remember what he looked like and then covered my eyes with a bandana and when I got a question about his appearance wrong she would hurt him and continue with the game then it cut to me hiding under a bed in a room dark lit with the moon with a big window after getting out from under the bed I hid in the closet and a guy came in he was like a body guard type of person and he checked the room and closed the door like he heard something I was out of the window and texted 911 the address and saying I just escaped from this house and another person was in there and that I didn't call because I needed to be quiet I was in the woods and was walking away as I stepped into a abandoned house and was wearing my boyfriend's hoodie that he sent me months ago around February during my birthday and then I woke up