lake monster

Date: 5/4/2017

By Carolina

we drove to a lake to throw a party. it was night time and the lake was totally dark. i walked around housing projects near a field. they seemed more like dorms or sorority houses with plaques that described different homes. one read "the mama house" where all the mothers lived. we swam in the lake and i saw a gigantic dark fish in the water. i got scared and sat by the edge. the fish hit me hard in the butt which was a horrible sensation and it tried to flip me out of the water. people started vomiting in the water which caused a chain reaction. i leaped out feeling sick myself - it was the end of the party. r was there and i was sitting between him and a beautiful woman. he kept making eyes at her and denying it. i got more and more jealous screaming at him. he shifted into a woman but we continued to fight. i tried to take a photo of him with his family but the camera kept shutting off on her phone. when i asked her to put in the password on her phone and i looked up the lights were off and she was the only one standing there frowning. we went down to the car but she was already flirting with everyone. i asked her to come back up and help me find my shoes. she accused me of being jealous of this blond guy. i said i didn't care and that she could do whatever she wanted. she said she asked him out. and i said i didn't care and i would pick up the flowers for the date. i went back upstairs and couldn't find my shoes. i called the blind guy and flirted with him on the phone. i couldn't help it because i felt a very strong chemistry. i told him we threw a great party but he seemed defeated about it. he asked if i would ever move. he wanted to know if i would move to the end of the red line even though it was illegal. i had no idea what that meant but said i would because i wanted to be with him. the girl came back up and she was irritated. i said goodbye quickly knowing i was confusing the guy and being kind of a jerk for having called him to help me find my shoes. we drove away and i woke up.