Scary demon

Date: 4/10/2017

By hotbitch

This isn't my dream, it's my sisters. Basically my sister had this second-hand bed and I reckon it was cursed/haunted because if she slept on a certain side of the bed this creepy demon thing would come visit her in her dreams. She would be lying in her bed in her dream and the demon would appear and crawl up right to her face and say with a huge smile and wide eyes "your sleeping on the wrong side" in like this drawn out creepy tone. Sometimes my sister would wake up and move to the other side and the demon would go, other times she would move but the demon would stay and say, laughing "you're still sleeping" and my sister would try to wake up but couldn't and the demon would stay laughing and warning her that if she didn't move something bad would happen. She reckons they were just dreams but to me that sounds way too creepy, I actually reckon someone had died in that spot so it's cursed or something