Over The Border

Date: 7/25/2019

By AW2k04

We were like in Mexico/the USA and I was hanging out with Clay and Kane and Clay’s sister? Well Clay’s sister and I got kinda close and then we were all like hiking and eating sandwiches and then suddenly ICE invaded or something? And we all had to run so they wouldn’t catch us and then we got split up and I was with my mom and we were looking for our bags and then I found clay and Kane and Clay’s sister and they were like hiding but relatively safe and then some like 7th graders showed up and Took over a bus trying to save some people and I ran but ended up getting caught and then I was on a horse? And I was supposed to meet with this Madam Diane woman and if I didn’t I would be killed so I went to her little like silver trailer thing and she was holding a huge knife and mazzy was in line ahead of me and my mom was behind me and Madam Diane was slowly grinding off peoples fingers and toes and cutting the skin of their arms and legs and I was terrified because once she did that she killed them by drowning and I was crying and freaking out and she was like “well I’ll do a little less since you haven’t turned 15 yet.” And she took her huge knife to my legs and I was screaming and freaking out And then somehow I was back at the beginning holding onto clay and crying... I’m dating Jake and I love Jake. And I can’t get Clay out of my fucking head.