Odd Slavery

Date: 7/16/2017

By KaitlynAdelle

I was on a school bus and I was going home but I didn't go home I went to a house I've never seen before but I knew what to do Once I got off the school bus I climbed over a short fence and got food for a cat and lambs after that it's a blur but I do remember someone was with me and I'm 98% sure it was my little brother I remember me and my little brother trying to hide from whoever was 'enslaving' us. I remember my brother being able to hide into one of those small slots you put the mail in which of course in real life couldn't happen lol I tried to get into the slot with him but only my legs would go through. So I hid behind house plants. The next thing I remember I was outside and I saw the mans wife. She was thin with blonde hair and it was very short and curly She told me I had to cut down these trees. (Their backward was a platform type that had trees all over the small platform they built up from the original height of the ground) I was going to tell her something but I don't know what I was going to say. Before I said anything she cut me off and said thanks for listening then she smiled at me and walked away to the back of the platform and was talking on her phone. This is modern day time set dream because she had a smart phone I think it was IPhone. When she walked away I was going back inside to get an axe and I saw that no one was watching the stairs to run. Like I said this was a platform backyard so there's 3 steps to get back down to regular. There was noodles on the steps which confused me but then I took a second to process what I was about to do. I took a deep breath and I ran for it. There was something I think a diner beside the house I was just in so I ran in there and there was a cop. I remember just hugging him and crying saying I was kidnapped and enslaved. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. He told me to show him the house so I told him how it was beside the place we were in. He went and opened the front door and the man and his wife were standing on the steps at the top (they were like ballroom steps if you know what I mean like Cinderella walking down those huge steps) The bad man was holding a gun at the cop and the husband and wife were looking at me so I ran because I thought they were going to shoot me. .